Over Sweet Lord Animals
  • Brian de Rijcke Guitar / Vocal
  • Maarten van der Staal Bass / Vocal
  • George de Rijcke Drums


The Sweet Lord Animals a.k.a. S.L.A. were founded in 1997

S.L.A. is different from other.
You can see, hear and feel it!
If this 3-mans formation’s on stage, there is no age limit to be discovered.

S.L.A. plays bombastic pumping blues-rock.

Partly because S.L.A. is playing for 18 years and plays the forgotten covers but not least 30 own songs!
The alternation between covers and own songs is highly appreciated by the public and received many compliments.
Own written work became the asset of this strong bond.

The blues-rock has its own atmosphere partly because working with samples.

S.L.A. an energetic, bombastic and interactive music group that will keep the audience experienced for a varied evening
with a good dose of blues-rock.
The best description of S.L.A. is:

“Dirty Blues-Rock with a Rock ‘n Roll drive”


1997 Birthday of S.L.A. (under the then name “Rattle Snake Shake”
1998 Our first gig.
1998 Name change to the Sweet Lord’s Animals. most used in the abbreviation S.L.A.
1999 1st Studio Album with pure own work.
2007 Own Work is growing and this is purely because of the positive reaties it! thx
2010 S.L.A. make a live DVD recording in the PIT, Terneuzen.
2011 From the end of this year plays S.L.A. mainly his own work

2012 – 2014 A lot of time spend at writing songs!!

2015 New Album